Adarana scheme by govt of AP for empowering poor people

Adarana Scheme

Adarana scheme by govt of AP for empowering poor people


The Government of Andhra Pradesh has been implementing many welfare programmes and development schemes with a view to empower the rural poor through Adarana scheme government creating additional income by improving their productivity.

Further with a view to minimizing drudgery, improving product/service quality with the help of modernizing the process of operations,

Government have decided to Re-launch ADARANA scheme programme with the ultimate aim of contributing to increased income levels and to improve the living standards of the practicing artisans in Particular and all the BC communities in General.

The Population belonging to backward classes in the state pursuing traditional occupations such as cattle and sheep rearing, toddy tapping, earth works, fishing, weaving, goldsmithy, blacksmithy, brasssmithy, carpentry, stone carving, laundry, pottery, oil pressing, basketry, hair dressing, tailoring and dyeing fall under 125 communities listed in the State list of Backward Classes.

Further, there are many of the BC communities without the traditional activities are practicing Agriculture and allied activities. Even many of the age-old practicing artisans diversified from their traditional activities and are into Agriculture and allied activities.

Adarana being the flagship scheme for the Backward classes, aims to modernize their tools and technology. The Managing Director, AP BCCFC Ltd., in his letter cited has proposed to re-launch the Adarana scheme under the name ADARANA II.

    1. To provide financial assistance to the practicing artisans belonging to Backward Classes for acquiring improved modern tools and gadgets for sustainable Income Generating Activity and economic development.
    2. To empower the BCs by imparting necessary training to improve their productivity with minimum drudgery and enhance the service quality according to the market needs.
  2. NATURE OF ASSISTANCE:With a view to capitalize the concept of low hanging fruits ADARANA Programme essentially focus on providing financial assistance in 3 slabs i.e., Rs. 30,000/-, Rs. 20,000/- and Rs. 10,000/- as unit cost with 70% subsidy component, 20% NBCFDC loan and 10% beneficiary contribution for procurement of Model tools and gadgets.

However, it is actively being considered by the Government to provide required high-end mechanized tools to the practicing artisans of BC communities over and above the ceiling limit of Rs.30,000/- under ADARANA PLUS scheme. Separate guidelines will be issued for this scheme.

  1. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA FOR ASSISTANCE:The following criteria will be adopted
    1. Age of BC beneficiaries : 18 to 50 years
    2. Beneficiary shall be registered under Praja Sadhikarika survey(Smart Pulse Survey


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